a lasting impression

The power of writing is in the ability to craft the emotional content without the mishaps that invade the average conversation. Once your message is in writing it transcends the momentary and becomes widely available and subject to interpretation. Miscommunication in writing often stems from a lack of preparation or technique. Sending the wrong message may result in lost opportunities, clients, and relationships.

writing for a client

We recognize that writing for a client is different than writing for ourselves. The process starts with communication and preparation. We have to find our client's voice and understand their unique needs. To accomplish this we ask a lot of questions. Digging deep into a project, we uncover things a client might overlook. Preparation guides the writing process and communication with our clients is ongoing. This philosophy of communication ensures success in the final materials.

created by: Seth Schwartz

The “Lost Art of Writing” was created by Seth Schwartz. After earning a Bachelors of Arts in History at the California State University of Northridge, Seth graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, magna cum laude, with a Juris Doctorate. During law school, Seth was the Electronic Media Editor on the Law Review, a summer research assistant, and student mentor. Seth’s passion to write has its roots in music, writing songs, poetry, and reviews of local artists-bands. Over the years, Seth has written professional materials for past employers and his own independent entrepreneurial endeavors. The inspiration to write for others originated while helping friends with their personal statements, resumes, and cover letters.

it's all about style

A writer’s style is the body language of a written piece. Every writer has a default style that guides their work product. Dynamic writers have the ability to redirect their default style by using language and structure to speak in different voice. Finding a different voice can be difficult but it is through our client’s voice we desire to speak – unless we’re asked to speak in a specific style. Discovering our client’s voice is part of preparing to write and something we take very seriously.

balancing creativity and professionalism

Striking a balance between creativity and professionalism is at the heart of every project we complete. Creative writing and critical thinking go hand in hand. Each project must stand on its own for its unique purpose. Often creative projects lack professionalism and professional projects lack the creative energy that grabs the audience’s attention. By understanding a balance is required, we’re able to give every project that little extra “pop” that makes your materials stand out.

is writting really a lost art

Who is to say whether writing is really lost? With access to so much information online, it is increasingly difficult to filter content. At the same time, great writing really stands out! For many, writing is more of a chore than a labor of love. Moreover, theorists will argue over whether the art of writing is in the creative or mechanical technique. What is important is to convey to your audience the inspiration and energy of your thoughts and ideas.