Policies and Terms of Service

The following policies and terms of services are non-exclusive and subject to modification at any time. A client-writer relationship is formed only upon a signed written agreement. Thank you for your interest in the Lost Art of Writing.

client-writer relationship

To avoid any miscommunication regarding our services, the client-writer relationship is formed only upon a signed written agreement. Price quotes, offers, and correspondence alone do not constitute a binding client-writer relationship. In the event a project proceeds without a signed written agreement, the client will be billed for writing services at $85 an hour subject to any rush fees.

We provide a standardized written agreement as a “starting point” to the terms agreed on. It is the client’s responsibility to read and understand the terms of the agreement and propose changes that fit the client’s needs.

Communication is an important part of the client-writer relationship. Every project experiences ups and downs. To avoid confusion, we ask our clients to designate a single go-to person. If, at any time, new or different work arises outside the scope of the written agreement we will seek clarification in writing.

Delivery dates are best estimates unless a deadline is specifically requested and agreed on. Rush projects are subject to additional costs. The average turn around depends on the size of the project. Time is measured in business days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

Every project includes a specified number edits and revisions. Our goal is to meet our clients’ needs and ensure satisfaction in the final product. The number of edits and revisions is based on our experience working with clients and is generally more than ample. If a project exceeds the edits or revisions allocated additional costs may kick in.

Satisfied clients are important to us. Occasionally expectations differ or something is just not quite right. We respect these situations. Our policy for “Early Termination” is to charge the lesser of "actual hourly" or "payments made," in relation to the current project, in the event you are unsatisfied with the final product.

Clients are free to terminate the client-writer relationship at any time, subject to any Early Termination costs. The Lost Art of Writing reserves the right to terminate the client relationship subject to Early Termination costs under limited circumstances; where (1) it becomes unreasonably difficult to work together; or (2) the client fails to provide the information necessary to meet the time or edit requirements. Additionally, we reserve the right to terminate the client-writer relationship at any time for a full refund of payments related to undelivered portions of a project.

ownership and copyrights

All materials are created as “work for hire.” Work for hire means our clients own the work we create for them – unless otherwise specified in the written agreement. The client is always responsible for registering and protecting the materials.

In the event the Lost Art of Writing and the client agree to use other copyrighted or trademarked materials, the client is responsible for obtaining any permissions or licenses necessary to use the materials. Client agrees to indemnify the Lost Art of Writing for any and all claims arising out of the use of the materials.

Clients are prohibited from reselling our services as their own. The Lost Art of Writing provides original services directly for our clients’ use. If you’re interested in reselling our services as your own please contact us.


We accept cash, check, and credit card through PayPal. Any costs related to failed transactions are billed to the client. Projects generally require a 50% down-payment. Down-payments vary with the size of the project. Installment plans are available for larger projects. Remaining payments are due within 15 days of project completion. A project is complete on acceptance by the designated contact person.

ethical considerations

We do not accept writing projects that may violate school or other institutional policies. Academic papers and works presented as original by the client will typically violate ethical policies. If we are unable to determine if a policy is violated by hiring a professional writer we will generally pass on your project.

We provide original writing customized to your needs. We do not plagiarize other sources to create your materials. If we use other materials in a work we give credit to the source and the client is responsible for any permissions or licenses.

privacy policy

We respect the privacy of our actual and prospective clients and do not share the information we collect with other business or intuitions. All communications are kept private. Status as a client is confidential unless otherwise agreed upon.

general disclaimer

This website is copyrighted by Lost Art of Writing. Use of the content is strictly prohibited. Other copyrights or trademarks contained within the website remain the work of their respective authors. We reserve the right to change these policies at any time or refuse service to potential clients. Clients are subject to the terms of their respective written agreements. For questions or concerns regarding these policies or the website, please contact us directly.